The African PA — The only PAs brand that focuses on administrative leaders from all walks of life and at every level of experience can share their know‐how with fellow administrators while gaining exposure to 21st century strategies and innovation in Africa.
The African PA is delivered straight to the desks of decision makers. They are PAs and EAs to CEOs, presidents, CFOs, HR specialists, investors, heads of global operations, advisers, and executive directors, and more.
Target Audience 
Executive Personal Assistants and Secretaries form the largest business partners for various organisations e.g. they organise 60% of business meetings for their bosses and organisation, 80% travel and transport booking service, 90% referral business for business they work or partner with.
PAs and EAs are responsible for buying a wide range of products and services, and we reach them each day, week and month with our precisely targeted media.
Ways to reach our audience 

  • Online – our website is an online platform designed to resemble an interactive medium of passing information. You will also be granted quick and free access to our previous editions of magazines in pdf form.
  • Print – the print version of the magazine is a quarterly edition that carries a glimpse of the ever changing administrative world to various countries across the African continent
  • Social media – we are in an era where integration of marketing communication is vital so we can be found on all social media platforms  e.g. Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.
  • Advertorials ‐ we provide content oriented publications in our magazine and this can be found in the various advertorial features. This is a special opportunity to connect with readers and by extension consumers who would love background information to an organisation or a product/service.
  • Events/Sponsorship – we are the home of themed events which provide a prescreened, one to one business meetings with key decision makers across industries.

Online Advertising
 Banner advertisements appear alongside the home page, events page, and feature article posted on Advertisements must be designed in a horizontal format for leader boards and square format for banners and saved as a .jpeg, .png, or .gif.
For bookings on our ad spaces for print Magazine contact us through