In present day’s business practice, the role of a Personal/Executive Assistant is gradually changing from business support to being essentially a business partner. No application fits well to serve the crucial objective of this transition than Project Management.

Administrative duties in an organization can be excellently executed if the principles of project management are applied in an organization’s daily practice. The ability to plan effectively within a specified period of time and budget to deliver value to an organization’s customer draws the actual difference between a performing and a non-performing Personal/Executive Assistant.

This is a three day Summit, where Administrative Professionals and Executive Assistants from around East Africa come together to learn, network, get motivated and pick up skills to excel in their jobs. Our attendees will gain the training necessary to stay on top of the latest trends in their profession and strategies while finding a renewed motivations for their career.

This Summit will form part of the AFRICAN PA MAGAZINE AWARDS. You cannot afford to Miss this event.